Documentary photos that bring us together in the Skilled Trainer Program. Through this program, we at the House of Philosophy provide an opportunity to develop children’s education, critical and deductive thinking skills using P4C technology

Unique moments bring us together in the Philosophical Content Creators Program, with an elite group of influencers and experts in content creation. Today, we are confident that content is not just words and images, but also a means of communication, influence and leadership We are proud to train an inspiring group of young philosophical content […]

Our trip to the Philosophy House Summer Camp was filled with adventures and wonders. We told inspiring stories that drew charming laughter on the faces of our children. Our educational journey at the Philosophy House Summer Camp was fun and inspiring, and we are very happy that we taught our children and learned from them.

Within the framework of its Arab and international presence, the Philosophy House in Fujairah joined the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP) as the first Gulf country, and one of the first Arab countries in addition to Morocco. Thanks to this joining, the Philosophy House in Fujairah will be able to participate in international philosophical […]

Dr. Hassan Al-Sharif recalls many of his experiences and observations about students’ abilities during his teaching of philosophy, and addresses the clarification of what “moral philosophy” is, the importance of teaching it, and its impact on the way of thinking and behavior.

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