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  • These Terms and Conditions must be carefully read by every user of this website, prior to its use. By accessing or using PH Website, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these T&C and you shall be deemed to have signified your agreement thereto.
  • Philosophy House LLC is a limited liability company established under the laws of the Emirate of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates and our registered office is at PO Box 666  Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.
  • These Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) shall govern Philosophy House Website https://philosophyhouse.aeand mobile application (collectively “PH Website” or “Our Website”) and the provided under PH Website by Philosophy House.
  • We reserve the right, to change, modify, amend or update these T&C or any document related to the Services and Products from time to time as we may deem appropriate. Any such change, modification, amendment or update shall automatically and immediately apply and be binding on you from the date on which it is posted on PH Website.

Unless the context requires otherwise, the following words and terms shall have the following meanings attributed to them:

  • PH Website /Our Website: means Philosophy House website with the URL (https://philosophyhouse.ae) offering informational content and online transactions on products and services specified therein.
  • Order Form: means the form displayed on PH Website to apply for certain services or products.
  • Services and Products: mean any Philosophy House products and services offered and available online through PH Website.
  • T&C: The present terms and conditions.
  • Customer: means the person registered on PH Website.
  • User: means any online visitor who visits PH Website.
  • We, us, our means Philosophy House LLC.
  • You, your means the Customer and the User.


How to contact us: 

In order to contact us, please refer to the relevant section on our Website.



PH Website is directed to people all around the world.

Method of Payment, Card Types accepted and Currency:

We are entitled to debit your credit card account or recover by any other means any amount including any upfront payment due on any Service or Product offered through PH Website.

We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in AED or any other agreed currency, Apple and Google Pay.


Delivery/Shipping/Services & Products Policy: 

We do not and will not deal or provide any Services or Products to any country sanctioned by OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) in accordance with the laws of UAE. 


Refund/Return Policy:


The refunds will only be made through the original mode of payment.


Cancellation & Replacement Policy: 

Products and Services: 

We reserve the right to amend and/or change and/or discontinue all or part of our Services and Products online without any prior notice.



The contents and statements in PH Website are provided for general information purposes only and may not be relied upon. Therefore, you should place no reliance on these contents or statements and you release us from any liability directly or indirectly arising from your reliance on said contents or statements.

To the fullest extent permitted by UAE law and notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these T&C, Philosophy House shall have no liability whatsoever for any (i) direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages (even if we have been advised of the potential occurrence of such damage), (ii) loss of revenue or profit or opportunity, or (iii) loss of or corruption to data, in relation with these T&C or the use of PH Website, the related Services and Products.

If you are not satisfied or you do not agree with any portion of PH Website including the related Services or Products or any of these T&C, you should stop using this website which constitutes your sole remedy.

You agree and you shall indemnify, defend and hold Philosophy House, its shareholders, and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates and representatives, harmless from and against any and all third party claims, (in whatever form and to the fullest extent permitted by UAE law including notably reasonable legal fees) arising out of or in any way connected with the use of PH Website.

Content generated by other users

PH Website may include information, contents, and materials uploaded by other users of the Website. You understand that such information, contents and materials have not been verified, validated or approved by us. The views, comments and statements expressed by other users on or via our Website do not represent our views or values and do not bind us.

If you have a complaint about information, contents and materials uploaded by other users you may contact us via the relevant section on our Website.


Linked Websites: 

PH Website may include linked sites posted therein. The linked sites are for your information. We do not control such sites, or the content and information contained therein. We are not responsible for any such linked sites. We are not liable for any loss or damage that you may incur in connection with your reliance or use of such linked sites or their content.

You understand and agree that any access to and use of such sites are at your own risk; and that posting such links does not constitute an approval by us of those linked websites, information or materials contained therein.

We do not make any representations as to the suitability of the information and services contained therein.


Representations and Warranties:

  1. You represent and warrant that:
  • you are a UAE national or a UAE resident or a visitor aged 18 or above.
  • you are a lawful holder of a valid credit card.
  • all information you are providing in the Order Form are true and complete.
  • you will fully indemnify us against any and all direct or indirect, damages, claims, loss, proceedings, demands, costs and charges arising out of or in connection with your breach of any representation, warranty or undertaking made in these T&C. This paragraph shall survive the termination of the PH Website T&C. This paragraph also applies to any parent or legal guardian whose child is using this website.
    1. Breach by you of any warranty or representation will entitle us to immediately terminate any relation with you and claim any and all damages in relation with such breach.

Customer/User’s Responsibilities:

You agree to the following: 

  • not to use PH Website for any illegal, infringing, illicit, improper, obscene or defamatory purpose or any purpose which is prohibited by law or these T&C.
  • not to conduct, participate in, or allow any infringement(s) on any intellectual property right(s).
  • not to upload, publish, post or disseminate (i) any inappropriate, privacy invasive, immoral, defamatory, offending, insulting, infringing, slandering, indecent, obscene, or unlawful contents or material or (ii) any material protected by intellectual rights or privacy rights.
  • not to upload materials or contents that comprise viruses, corrupted files, or similar programs that could damage another’s computer.
  • not to attempt to gain unauthorized access to any Services or Products, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any Services or Products through hacking or any other means.
  • not to cause harm, destruction, interruption or disruption of PH Website and/or related components.
  • not to announce, disseminate, re-disseminate, circulate, or recirculate false news or data, or information or false, tendentious, misleading or erroneous rumors or reports, or broadcast any provocative advertisements.
  • Not to broadcast, transmit, disseminate, re-disseminate, or promote practicing of gambling activities. 
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