Philosophy House Takes Part in Sharjah Book Fair, Region’s Flagship Cultural Festival

The Philosophy House is debuting today at the 40th Sharjah International Book Fair, under the theme “Here, a book for you”.
Philosophy House’s participation in this flagship cultural festival, which runs from November 3rd to 13th, highlights the significance of philosophy, its enlightening role as a science of thinking associated with investigation and rational research in an unprecedented manner, and based on logic to make a beeline for knowledge.
Commenting on this participation, Dr. Ahmed Barqawi said: “Philosophy is not only meddling in unlocking the closed doors of existence, but it creates keys to the locks of human beings and reveals what lies beneath such existence, the essence of consciousness, righteousness, and truth.”
The Philosophy House is a project that aims to be the leading cultural and knowledge hub for philosophy concerns in the UAE and region.
As it is well-known, philosophy plays a pivotal role in promoting the values of tolerance and coexistence, which have evolved into a unique living realism; it enriches this pioneering experience, which requires a philosophical endeavour effort encompassing all spectrums of thoughts of this culturally diverse, vibrant community.

Philosophy House, the region’s largest cultural project, launched.
Book Signing Ceremony
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