Who We Are

The Philosophy House is the first- of- its- kind cultural institution launched from the Emirate of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates with an aim to formulate, spearhead and teach rational consciousness. We at the Philosophy House believe philosophy is enlightened reason that seeks to perceive the surrounding reality in order to investigate questions and learn how to answer them. We are certain philosophy aspires to create consciousness through logical answers to those questions to better enrich our lives. Believing that the civilised experience is a progressive process and in a permanent development that embraces all walks of life and creativity, we have enriched the pioneering Emirati experience and to be an important scientific companion to enlighten the present and future generations. The Philosophy House aims to spread moral and aesthetic values, enlightenment and tolerance. Besides, it seeks to create an Emirati intellectual elite that rationally thinks about its reality.

Our Vision

To spread moral and aesthetic values and enlightenment to create a cultural elite capable of systematically and soundly contemplating its reality, and paving the way for happiness, one of the UAE's most vital strategies by philosophy's systematic and tolerant reasoning.

Our Mission

We seek to be the paramount cultural institution that strives to thrive the philosophical thought towards an enlightened and conscious reflection, and for the Emirate of Fujairah to be the capital of philosophical culture in the Arab world.
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